General Circus Skills Training

Learn general circus skills, including:

  • Staff, Poi, Diablo and Plate Spinning
  • Juggling of rings, clubs and knives
  • Rolla bola, Unicycle, Ladders
  • Bricks, Hats, Flower and Devil Sticks

Build specialist circus skills, including:

  • Acro Balance/Acrobatics/Tumbling
  • Free Running (parkour)
  • Trapeze/Silks
  • Stilt walking
  • Trampet/Vaulting
  • Tricks with staff, poi etc.

All of our sessions are carried out after a full risk assessment, public liability insurance and all our staff have current DBS checks.

Community Circus Project Involvement

Offering circus training to young people, Euphoric Circus Group is the community circus project for young people aged 5 years and over, that Toni has been involved with for over a decade, most recently as coordinator and lead trainer.

The group have run many successful outdoor programmes and support services for young people over the years.

They offer a taster session of one hour which will allow you a chance to try out all the basic skills.

The foundation courses Toni developed last 6-8 hours and lead to a basic competence in two disciplines plus an award badge/achievement certificate.

Intermediate courses last 12 hours and combine disciplines, developing individual and group dramatic performance skills, leading to a show for family and fellow pupils.

Our advanced course will last 36 hours and will combine harder tricks with theatrical training, costumes, makeup and prop manufacture. You will also learn how to maintain professional equipment. The course culminates in an artistically directed public performance at a community event. This includes training for one group leader in workshop facilitating.

Circus training
Circus performer
Team building - Cumbria - Entertrain - Circus training
Team building - Cumbria - Entertrain - Circus training
Party entertainers - Kendal - Entertrain - Live entertainment

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